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Is Victoria A Young and the Restless Threat To Nate Hastings And Elena?


Is Nate messing with both Y&R women?

Is Victoria Newman a threat to their love?

Elena and Nate are technically still together on The Young and the Restless. At least, they’re living together. And they’re arguing… together. But Victoria seems to be becoming more and more of a factor in their relationship. Does Elena have anything to worry about?

Young and the Restless Polling

Nate (Sean Dominic) obviously has no interest in Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Will, it’s obvious to 8% of you. Look how he went up to the hotel room she rented for them…only to tell her, once again, that he will not be having sex with her. Nate then wandered around town a bit, chatted with Audra…and came home to Elena (Brytni Sarpy). See? Nothing to worry about!

Nate Hastings: What Goes Around, Comes Around

Elena knows all about cheating, doesn’t she, 11% muse. Would she be this worried about Nate cheating with Victoria if she, herself, hadn’t cheated on Nate with Devon (Bryton James)? After all, this relationship is hardly a steady one. First, Elena cheated on Devon with Nate, then she cheated on Nate with Devon. Now she and Nate are together, and he’s spending an awful lot of time with Victoria. Are you surprised she’s suspicious?

Y&R: As Plain as the Nose on Your Face

Anyone with eyeballs can see that Nate is attracted to Victoria. Elena can see it, too. Nate is the one gas-lighting her into thinking she’s imagining things, according to 81% of voters. And he’s not doing it by accident, either. Nate wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

He wants the excitement of an illicit affair with a powerful woman – who also happens to be his boss – and the safety and security of an adoring, live-in girlfriend. Now that he’s a corporate mogul, Nate thinks he deserves the Newman lifestyle. And Elena better get with the program.

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